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Cosmetic Dentist In West Los Angeles

A beautiful smile is considered a striking feature, but not all individuals are naturally gifted with perfect teeth. Your cosmetic dentist in West Los Angeles is equipped with the skill, experience and modern technology to help relieve oral health problems and create a breathtakingly healthy smile you can be proud of. From misalignment, to discoloration and tooth loss, corrective procedure aims to alleviate symptoms and support well-being.

White, straight and cavity free teeth help you approach your social and professional life with confidence. The smile has been recognized as the most attractive facial feature placing more pressure on those who do not have straight and functional pearly whites. A consultation with a licensed dental professional will help you reach a long lasting appealing result.

A trusted cosmetic dentist in Westwood near UCLA can help you achieve a fully aligned set of teeth without having to apply conventional metal braces. For approved candidates suffering from mild forms of misalignment, Invisalign orthodontics in West Los Angeles offer a modern and effective solution to restore a fully balanced smile. The innovative dental technology does not cause severe gum irritation and does not have to be worn for many years to achieve a straighter outcome.

If you are affected by misaligned teeth, schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dental practitioner to learn about the options for correction. Invisalign consists of a clear set of aligners customized to your mouth and changed every few weeks to encourage gentle realignment. It is a great option compared to the traditional type of braces, but is non-invasive, barely noticeable and easy to keep clean.

The clear trays are favored over the older alternatives because patients are less self-conscious and can continue with their normal routine. It does not consist of wires or brackets that would irritate the surrounding tissue, but a supportive plastic tray to encourage progressive alignment and full balance. The removal of imbalances creates a beautiful aesthetic look and corrects functional issues experienced while eating and speaking.

Veneers are also a popular form of dental care considered a celebrity treatment to produce a white aligned smile. It consists of porcelain facings placed over each individual tooth to conceal stains, cracks, chips, small misalignments to create a balanced look. It is an investment but can last for many years with the right standard of care. There are many professionals that can help with porcelain veneers in West Los Angeles and Swiss Quality Smile is the most experienced dentist to perfect your smile. Along with our in house lab we work together to bring you the perfect smile you have been dreaming of.

A crown is a popular option to help conceal chipped, cracked or decayed teeth to create a uniform smile. Crowns can help salvage affected teeth that have become damaged by disease or physical trauma. It minimizes the occurrence of further chips and complete tooth loss requiring specialized care to maintain health. Crowns can last for about 10 years.

Meeting with your cosmetic dentist in West Los Angeles that makes house calls can help you learn about effective oral enhancement solutions to produce a beautiful smile. Applying regular dental hygiene can prevent cavities and many problems that compromise the health condition of teeth. Restorative methods, alignment techniques, whitening procedures and corrective methods are made available for individual support and exceptional dental appeal. Dr. Ilona Casellini has extensive experience in providing crowns and bridges in West Los Angeles.

Tooth whitening procedures have become increasingly popular owing to its non-invasive approach and exceptional results.An experienced dentist will determine whether yellowing is caused by internal tooth problems or surface stains associated with the consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco or red wine among the most common. Once the source for stained teeth is detected, the dental practitioner can advise on the correct oral enhancement. Applying store bought whitening products incorrectly or too frequently can cause severe sensitivity and eventual transparency as the tooth enamel becomes brittle and deteriorated. This can cause severe discomfort when consuming foods that are too hot or too cold. Teeth whitening is better left to dental professionals and Zoom whitening is a great option. Think, in 1 hour you can leave the dental office 2-3 shades lighter. We are now offering Kör Whitening in the office. This system is a combo of home/in office and the results are AMAZING!

An in-office procedure for whitening teeth involves a peroxide solution and ultraviolet light to lift stains and restore a bright white shade. It is a lasting and controlled method customized to suit the specific needs of patients affected by discolored teeth. An experienced dentist in West Los Angeles will advise on the risk of sensitivity and provide quality products to help patients maintain their new bright white smile.

Tooth loss can prove devastating for many people, causing difficulties in speech, consumption of food, and cause jaw pain. An experienced oral practitioner will advise on the correct procedures available according to an individualized examination. This includes digital dental X-ray images and a physical evaluation.

One way to replace missing teeth is with a dental implant. A dental implant is a great way to replace one or more missing teeth. It involves a surgical procedure where a metal screw is surgically placed in the bone. Once the screw has integrated with the bone an artificial tooth is screwed into the implant. It requires a long recovery with strict hygiene regimes to prevent infection, but can last a lifetime. If you are looking for dental implants in West Los Angeles or Digital Dental X-Rays In West Los Angeles, you will find comfort in working with Dr. Ilona Casellini.