Fluoride Varnish Keeps your Teeth Strong!

Topical fluoride varnish is a safe and easy way to fight cavities, keep your teeth strong and decrease sensitivity. This concentrated gel is applied to the teeth by your dentist, dental hygienist or health care provider.

Are Dental X-rays Necessary?

Dental x-rays are a useful tool when helping your dentist detect damage and disease not visible during a regular dental exam. Dental x-rays are a normal part of your exam and help aid the dentist in detecting any dental health issues.

What Causes Bad Breath and What You Can Do About It!

It's embarrassing to have bad breath and people are often too embarrassed to ask about what can cure or cause chronic bad breath. You’re not alone! Studies show that 50% of adults will have bad breath at some point in their lives. So let's talk about that uncomfortable topic “what causes bad breath” and hopefully we can give you some tips to take home.