Fluoride Varnish Benefits

Topical fluoride varnish is a safe and easy way to fight cavities, keep your teeth strong and decrease sensitivity. This concentrated gel is applied to the teeth by your dentist, dental hygienist or health care provider.

Fluoride Varnish Instructions

Fluoride varnish can be applied to all types of surfaces of the tooth such as the enamel, dentine and cementum. Fluoride varnish dries rapidly and once it comes in contact with saliva sets on the teeth surfaces. The varnish stays in contact with the tooth surface for several hours allowing the Fluoride to leach into the tooth.  Because it sets quickly, the amount of Fluoride ingested is little to none.  Fluoride varnish can be applied every 3 months, comes in many different flavors and great for patients with a gag reflex.  This quick and easy procedure is a must when coming to your dentist.  Ask us about Fluoride varnish the next time you are in to see us.


Fluoride varnish is also for adults