White teeth, we know you want them!  What causes yellow teeth and ways to get whiter teeth.  Everyone these days is looking for a way to improve their smile.  As with most people, the easiest and most cost effective way is to bleach your teeth.  There any many forms of bleaching that exist.  There is a bleaching system for every budget and lifestyle.  In this post we will talk about the different types and what the average costs associated with each method.

Teeth Bleaching at Home

Teeth Bleaching Custom Trays

Custom trays are a at home bleaching kit that is made by your dentist specially designed for you.  It starts by visiting your dentist.  Your dentist will evaluate your smile and see if you are a candidate for custom bleaching trays.  The dentist will then proceed to take impressions of both your upper and lower jaw.  The dentist will then have your teeth bleaching kit made.  These are unique trays made only for you.  No one else can wear them!  You will then visit the dentist approximately 1 week after your impressions are made to pick up your teeth bleaching kit.  The dentist will try your trays in to make sure there is an accurate fit and show you how to place them in the mouth.  Your bleaching kit includes


Prefilled Bleaching Kit


Teeth Bleaching at the Dentist (professional teeth bleaching)